Charge on Electron Lab

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Charge of an Electron Lab

Purpose and Introduction:

​The purpose of this lab was to determine the number of zinc atoms plated on one electrode and to determine the charge of one atom of zinc. This was to determine the charge carried by one electron. The use of electrons is in everyday life. For example, using electrons in electroplating. That is the process of covering one metal (usually a cheaper metal) with another using an electric current. The current dissolves the one metal by breaking it apart. By doing this, the metal transfers and sticks to the other metal. It is used in the making of jewelry. Most people prefer metals such as gold and silver but cannot afford it. Jewelers will cover a common metal such as copper or steel with a thin coat of the expensive metal. Electroplating also helps get rid of the issue of the common metals turning your skin a bluish-green color. The most commonly seen reaction with copper jewelry is oxidation. This occurs when copper is exposed to air, and it results in the copper's surface darkening. When that surface is also exposed to saltwater, like sweat, the copper can turn bluish-green. This happens with prolonged contact with your skin.


“Please review lab “Title of Lab” for the procedure”.

List of lab materials:

“Please review lab “Title of Lab” for the procedure”.


This lab was to experimentally determine the charge on an electron and compare your observed value with the expected value. ​ In this experiment it was found that the accepted value of a charge of an electron is 1.602 x 10^-19. Another thing discovered from this lab was the charge carried by one mole of electrons. The charge of one mole carried by an electron is about 3.55 x 10^24. All of this information is very practical in real life. Electrochemistry deals with the relation of the flow of electric current to make chemical changes. It also deals with the conversion of chemical to electrical energy and...
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