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This booklet has been prepared as part of a national project on "Teamwork in Cooperative Extension Programs." The project was conducted by the Division of Program and Staff Development, University of Wisconsin-Extension, under a grant from the ECOP 4-H Subcommittee's Standing Committee on Staff Development.

As authors, we wish to express appreciation to those who have offered support and valuable insights by serving as consultants for the project-especially our colleagues in Wisconsin, Virginia and Iowa; graduate students-Deb Russler and Linda Parker; Dr. John Banning and Dr. Scott Soder.

A special 'thank you' is extended to the many Extension agents across the country who attended the Regional Association Presidents' Workshops, 1980. Their reactions to draft materials and suggestions for further project development were most encouraging and helpful.

Terry L. Gibson
Jeanne Moore
E. J. Lueder

September, 1980

University of Wisconsin-Extension, Gale L. VandeBerg, Director, in Cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture publishes this information to further the purpose of the May 8 and June 30, 1914 Acts of Congress and provides equal opportunity in employment and training.

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This booklet is intended specifically for use by County Extension professionals including secretarial staff, but is appropriate for all individuals interested in strengthening their Extension teamwork relationships (4-H committees, home economics committees, Agricultural Extension councils, advisory groups, area/state or national staff, etc.). Although many examples of positive teamwork relationships can be identified, there is always an opportunity for staff to improve their understanding of and support for a teamwork approach to programming. This booklet is designed to do just that. It is our hope that ideas and activity suggestions presented will promote and/or strengthen positive attitudes on your part toward team efforts in Extension programming.

This booklet attempts to answer the following questions about teamwork, as well as suggest numerous activities that will help you begin to assess your attitudes and working relationships. This is however, just a beginning. Actual development of your teamwork skills will require additional time and effort, so we leave that up to you!

Teamwork ... What Are Your Beliefs and Attitudes?
Team Building Opinionaire -- Provides the reader with an opportunity to become aware of his/her own attitudes and beliefs about teamwork Teamwork ... Why?
Rationale for a Team Approach -- Describes the importance of and need for teamwork in Extension
Teamwork ... What Is It?
Dimensions of Involvement -- Defines teamwork as a continuum of alternative relationships among Extension professionals

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Teamwork . . . What Influences It?
Variables In the Current Extension Situation That Influence Teamwork EffortsIdentifies organizational and individual variables in brief outline form, as cited from interviews with selected Extension personnel

Factors That Promote and Hinder Working Relationships -- Lists factors which Extension personnel feel promote or hinder positive working
Teamwork ... Is It Effective?
Attributes of Ideal Teamwork Relationships -- Describes characteristics and skills necessary for effective team relationships
Team Building and Working in Groups-Offers a series of questions to guide a group in organizing for teamwork
Teamwork ... How Does It Develop?
Stages of Team Development -- Explains seven stages through which staff units pass as they become effectively functioning teams
Teamwork ... How Does Your Team Rate?
Team Assessment Too/ -- Series of 35 statements to help a group assess its teamwork relationships in seven key areas

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Teamwork .... What Are Your Beliefs and...
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