Charateristics of Workers Compensation

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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From what I understood of the reading about the federal workers compensation plans are used so if the employee becomes injured on the job and has to miss work because of their injuries or if they become in contact with a certain kind of disease while they are on the job working. There are four different kinds of programs that are used for the particular type of work the employee is involved in. The first type of program is called the federal employees compensation program this helps give benefits to the employees that work for the federal government. The next program is called the longshore and harbor workers compensation program this is used for the employees that work in the maritime field. It is used in hope to minimize the injuries and deaths that could occur on the job. The third program is called the federal black lung program this particular program was used to help workers that work in the coal mines receive compensation. Just in case the end up getting lung diseases from the amount of time that they worked in the coal mines. The fourth and final program is called the energy employees occupational illness compensation program. This program is for workers that have been diagnosed with cancer or other illness due to them becoming in contact with radiation exposure or other hazardous materials. I believe that it is important to have both the federal and state compensation plans so that it protects the workers and also helps them if they end up injured or end up with a disease due to the type of work they do to provide for themselves and their families.
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