Characters of the Woman Who Had Two Navels

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A native Manileño, Nick Joaquin was born in the district of Paco, on Calle Herran, in 1917. His parents were Don Leocadio Joaquin, a colonel of Philippine Revolution and a prominent lawyer during the 1920s; and Doña Salomé Marqués, one of the first teachers to be appointed to the public school system set up by the Americans. Got into writing just before war, Nick Joaquin started out as a versifier, experimented with fiction, was noticed and hailed by José Garcia Villa, and settled down as journalist after the war. Since then he has also made a name for himself as novelist, playwright, historian, and biographer. He is the one who wrote the novel; “The Woman Who Had Two Navels”. This novel is a very good book. The book is fiction, but somehow it was made to be real.  The book had an interesting theme. A theme that not much authors and writers would write during it’s time period. Its theme was to be able to live your life with sense. The novel shows more of lies in the life of one certain character. It also expounds the grounds of free will and thirst for freedom. The book also is telling us one thing. It tells us of the Philippine’s history. There, Connie Escobar, a character in the story, represents the Philippines and the characters revolving around her represents the Americans and the Spaniards that took over the Philippine’s free soul.  Connie’s peace found in Biliken was the thought that Filipinos had hope in nothing. We always come back to that hope, even though we know it wouldn’t do us anything but we always still try.  “It’s very hard indeed. But you, Connie, have taken the easiest way out. You are not trying, you have given up. When you went to this Biliken of yours, when you convinced yourself you had two navels, you retreated, not from evil, but only from the struggle against evil. People can’t be good unless they...
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