Characters of Noli Me Tangere

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The Characters of ‘Noli Me Tangere’

Juan Crisostomo Ibarra y Magsalin
Also known in his full name as Juan Crisóstomo Ibarra y Magsalin, a Filipino who studied in Europe for 7 years, the love interest of Maria Clara. Son of the deceased Don Rafael Ibarra; Crisostomo changed his surname from Eibarramendia to Ibarra, from his ancestor's surname. Captain Tiago (Santiago de los Santos)

Friend of Don Rafael Ibarra and the supposed father of Maria Clara. He was a genial host and general patron of the church. Padre Damaso
A Franciscan friar who had been parish priest of San Diego for 20 years. A typical domineering friar who was supercilious and anti- Filipino. Maria Clara
María Clara de los Santos, Ibarra's sweetheart; the illegitimate daughter of Father Dámaso and Pía Alba. Padre Salvi
Also known in his full name as Bernardo Salví, a secret admirer of María Clara. Elias
Ibarra's mysterious friend, a master boater, also a fugitive. He was referred to at one point as the pilot. He wants to revolutionize his country. Ibarra's grandfather condemned his grandfather of burning a warehouse, making Elias the fugitive he is. Señor Guevarra

an elderly and kind lieutenant of the Guardian Civil.
Don Tiburcio de Espadana
A bogus Spanish physician, lame, and henpecked husband of Dona Victorina.

Doña Victorina
A native woman who had strong hallucinations of being a superior castellan and looks down on her own people as inferior beings. Wise old Tasio
The man who thinks too advanced for his time so that those who do not understand him would call him as “Lunatic Tasio”. The Alférez
Chief of the Guardia Civil; mortal enemy of the priests for the power in San Diego. Doña Consolacion
The vulgar mistress of the Alférez
Sisa is the mother of Crispin and Basilio. Who went insane after losing her sons. Pedro

Abusive husband of Sisa who loves cockfighting.
Son of sisa. The younger Brother of Basilio that was...
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