Characters in the Curse by Lee Su Ann

Topics: Family, Madhuri Dixit, Marriage Pages: 9 (1949 words) Published: April 30, 2012

Azreen Saleh
Azreen Saleh is the daughter Saleh Abdullah.  She is the total opposite of her sister, Madhuri who is pretty, sweet, polite and obedient.  Hence, she was always compared to her and she hates it.  She was a tomboy when in school, and she often got into trouble.  Her bestfriend in school was Asraf.  She would do anything to help him, even if it meant taking the blame for his faults.  She did had feelings for him, but Asraf was in love with someone else.  She seems not to get along with her father.   She joined a foster programme and met her foster parents, Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli, and they remain close even when the programme ended.  She was offered a scholarship to study in UK, and she hadn’t gone home for a long time – not until Madhuri’s death.

·        Jealous of Madhuri
“And oh, how Azreen had despised her! Madhuri was always the pretty one.” (pg. 8)

·        Short, wears glasses, fiery tempered and outspoken “Who would want anything to do with a short, bespectacled and fiery-tempered girl who always spoke her mind, no matter how improper the ideas were? (pg. 8)

·        Obstinate
“Who would love an obstinate child who was such a contrast to her beautiful and soft-spoken sister? (pg. 8)

·        Hates being compared with her sister 
“She could not stand it when her parents and friends compared her to her sister.” (pg. 8)

·        Fond of her sister anyway
“Perhaps she had not always despised her sister.” (pg. 8)

·        Independent
“If she can find her way around London by herself, I’m sure she can find her way around the airport.” (pg. 15)

·        Prejudiced
“Azreen, according to them, was a troublemaker.” (pg. 26)

·        Outcast
“Socially accepted, I mean.  Look at me.  Everyone hates me.” (pg. 38)

·        Determined
“She must gather her strength and face this.”(pg. 39)

·        Stubborn
“Why must you be so stubborn?” (pg. 88)

·        Confident
“She was confident she  could beat half of those scrawny boys.” (pg. 88)

·        Loyal
“But her loyalty to her friend was greater than her self-preservation and so she took the blame calmly and bravely.” (pg. 95)

·        Brave
“She was fearless.” (pg. 163)

·         Aggressive
“Like how you’d beat up the bunch of kids who threw stones into her home and burnt her crops?”  (pg. 173)

Madhuri Saleh
Madhuri Saleh is the adopted daughter of Saleh Abdullah who has kept it a secret.  He found her seemingly abandoned at a paddy field.  He fell in love with her immediately and raised her as his own.  She married  Haji Ghani, the village headman and was his second wife.  She had an affair with Asraf though, and they planned to get married and run away together.  But she was murdered by Saleh when he caught them together at the rubber estate. ·        Pretty, charming and filial

“Madhuri was always the pretty one.  The charming one.  The filial one.” (pg. 8)

·        Beautiful, soft-spoken
“Who would love an obstinate child who was such a contrast to her beautiful and soft-spoken sister? (pg. 8)

·        Well-liked
Madhuri was so well-liked by everyone.” (pg. 8)

·         Protective
“She stuck by you and even tried to shield you from your father.” (pg. 50)

Saleh Abdullah
Saleh Abdullah is the father of Azreen and Madhuri.  He seemed to love Madhuri more than Azreen.  But he knew that Azreen’s characteristic is very much like him, and that is why they don’t really get along.  He blames Azreen for his wife’s accident that caused her feet to be paralyzed – a fault that Azreen claimed to do but actually didn’t.  He caught Madhuri with another man and killed her out of rage.

·        Authoritative
“I said, take her home.  Now.” (pg. 31)

·        Cold
“Then he returned to his position and paid no further attention to his daughter.”  (pg. 32) ·        Proud
“We don’t need their sympathies, or their charities.” (pg. 109)

Mohd Asraf
Mohd Asraf is Azreen’s bestfriend...
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