Characters in Hamlet

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  • Published : May 24, 2011
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study in the Victorian era. However some believe Ophelia to be stricken by alternative conditions including infantile regression, sexual repression or schizophrenia stated by RD Laing, due to the absence of herself, the essential person. The ideas of Hamlet and Ophelia’s insanity are effectively represented by Shakespeare through the use of Imagery and dialogue. Insanity is seen as a result of the complexity of man whether that be directly or indirectly affected. Within Hamlet, Shakespeare also explores the causes and consequences of revenge mainly through the use of two main characters Hamlet and Laertes. Revenge is the basis for the plot of the story, without it there would be no play. The play revolves around Hamlet deciding whether to avenge his father’s death or not. Both Hamlet and Laertes delay their revenge however Laertes acts much more swiftly in avenging his father than Hamlet does. As a result of both their actions and inactions negative consequences are incurred. Hamlet drives himself and others around him to insanity due to his revenge while Laertes is embroiled in all of Hamlets destruction due to him desiring revenge. Shakespeare represents Hamlets revenge through the use of soliloquies. The audience gains a greater understanding and connection to the revenge by the personal soliloquies. It is in these soliloquies where we really see the desire of Hamlet to avenge his father. In Act 2 scene 2; lines 531-534, Shakespeare uses enjambment in a soliloquy to show Hamlets desire for revenge, “Remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindles, villain!/ Oh vengeance!”. Enjambment of negative images is used, to show emotion and Hamlet’s desire to seek revenge. As a result of this desire Hamlet and other innocent people surrounding him are harmed, Polonius and Ophelia are two innocent people affected by his desire for revenge. The consequences of his revenge are negative. Laertes consequences of his revenge are also negative, Laertes also wished to...
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