Characters in Hamlet

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Jose Cruz
December 12, 2011
My English Research Paper
Use general quote about betrayal ( not from Hamlet. This quote from Shakespeares Hamlet includes two very important words; The words “Haste” and “revenge” not only deal with life but with many other literary works as well. In order to take revenge upon someone often means to get back at them or to inflict hurt or harm on them for an injury or wrong done to oneself. Such is the case in Hamlet where Betrayal (revenge) is the biggest and main conflict of the play because, King Hamlet was ruler of Denmark until his brother Claudius, murders him to become King and marry the Queen, Gertrude. That plot right there creates a whole lot of tension between Hamlet and the new King Claudius because Hamlet wishes to vengeance his fathers death. Therefore, In the play Hamlet, William Shakespeare exemplifies the impact of betrayal on family dynamics throught the use of conflict, dialogue, and irony.

Shakespeare uses conflict to show how the betrayal affects family dynamics. “Now might I do it pat, now he is praying; And now I’ll do’t. And so he goes to heaven; And so am I revenged. That would be scann’d: A villain kills my father; and for that, I, his sole son, do this same villain sent To heaven” (3.3.1). One of the main conflicts of the play is that Hamlet feels betrayed on many levels by the King. (better explaination on this quote)King Claudius is the murderer of his father, King Hamlet. What Hamlet is saying in this quote is his father has died and he is asking for him to revenge him, so since a villain, (King Claudius) killed his father. Since he is King Hamlets only son, he feels he must take revenge upon his fathers death and kill King Claudius. “No place, indeed, should murder sanctuarize; Revenge should have no bounds” (4.7.13). A quote said by King Claudius; Then Laertes and Claudius conspire to murder Hamlet. Laertes and Hamlet both have a father to revenge is this play,...
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