Characters in Aylin

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  • Published : May 25, 2011
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Aylin Devrimel:She was so far the only tall,skinny,freckled and pony tailed child in her class. She was attending the American Colloge for girls she did not interested in lessons but yet managed to pass her exams with the highest grades. Aylin attended the American College for girls and later went to Paris to continue her education and she began a life with hurried. A hurried marriage which has made her a Libyan princess, a medical education that to pave the way for a successful career as a psychiatrist. And she got a lot of marriages which never lasted long. At the end she was in the American army as a colonel.

Leyla Devrimel:She is Aylin’s mother. She always worried about her daughters. She was the pillar of family,clever,talented,strong and beautiful mother. A tumour was discovered in Leyla’s breast and unfortunately she was dying. Leyla died in the autum of 1961.

Cemal Devrimel:He is Aylin’s father who worked for the National Rail Company in Ankara. He was very libertine when he engaged with Leyla. After he got married he was very calm and he was a good father.

Nilüfer Devrimel:She is Aylin’s sister who studied at Barlett school of Architecture and she is seven years older than Aylin. She was to conceive herself to be Aylin’s protector,patron and owner all her life and was to intervene in her life. Aylin was to love her sister all her life. She was really beautiful and she was interested in metaphysical books. As soon as she turned eighteen she got married without to get permission for her parents.

Aziz Tansever:He was first husband of Nilüfer who the son of a rich businessman. He studied at Economics in England. After the education he had taken a job with NATO in Paris. He was very kind person, helpful and he always love Nilüfer.

Hilmi Bayındırlı:He is Aylin’s uncle who was childless,he treated Aylin was his own daughter. He had bought luxurious house which Aylin and her uncle lived in Sea of Marmara.

Prince Ben Tekkouk:He was...
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