Characters and Themes in the Novel "The Gathering"

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Great Authors rely on realistic Characters and relevant themes to communicate and portray messages throughout their novel. Isobelle Carmody, the author of award winning novel, The Gathering, is one of these authors. The Gathering is about the protagonist, Nathanial, moving to a new town, Cheshunt. Expecting it to be perfect and flawless, he then discovers and unveils darkness of the towns past and how the evil affects the modern day world he lives in. Carmody explores characters and themes throughout her novel, such as, Nathanial and the theme of good conquers over evil, Mr Karle and the theme of how evil and darkness is powerful, and finally The Chain and the theme of Perseverance.

Carmody relies on realistic characters such as Nathanial and themes such as good conquer to communicate and portray messages through her novel The Gathering. Nathanial is a character Carmody has created and evolved into a character that is linked to the relevant theme of Good. ‘Good conquers over evil’ is a recurring theme presented in Gathering, it reflects on how the forces of good when harnessed can triumph over the forces of evil. This is shown through the use of 1st person. Through Carmody applying first person, we can understand what Nathanial brain thinks. The reader are made to think and do as Nathanial does, we have perceptions of people as Nathanial does. Basically, the readers made to think, feel, say and do as Nathanial executes and makes you feel as if you were there. The reader also feels Nathanial’s emotions, when Danny mentions “Lallie and the Chain? That is about right winning out over wrong”(and Nathanial thought)“Danny grinned at me, engaging urchins and in spite of being horrified over what he had told me, I found myself smiling back. “Yeah well, I’m an idealist” I found myself responding”. This gives the effect of understanding Nathanial. The reader understands how he sees himself and how...
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