Characteristics That Make a Good Parent

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Being a parent has been called one of the hardest jobs in the world. Often parents wonder if they are doing a good job. There are many characteristics that make a good parent. The most important in my opinion are consistency, patience and trust.     

Children by nature can be rambunctious and curious about things.  As a toddler especially! When my son was around 2 years old he was getting into everything. Every time I turned my back he was under the kitchen sink, playing in the toilet or in to something equally as dangerous.  I would often find myself telling him “NO” about the same bad behavior over and over.  Being consistent in telling him not to do these things helped him learn that they were harmful to him. It took some time but the effort paid off.  

Another important characteristic, and perhaps the hardest, is patience.  I remember as a kid really struggling in math.  My mom and dad tried to work after with me after school. Those study sessions would usually end in yelling and tears. This only made things harder for me. I was so afraid of getting the answer wrong again and get yelled at it made concentrating nearly impossible.  One day after having my grandmother come over to tutor me I started to understand things better.  She would calmly explain how to solve the problem until I understood. No matter how long it took. It was her patience that really got me through the 7th grade.  

The level of trust a child has for their parent is also very important.  Trust is most often learned early on in a child’s life.  Be it a scraped knee or a bully on the play ground, we could always trust good old mom and dad to make things better.  It’s that kind of trust that is crucial for parents to have with their kids. Most importantly in their teenage years.  For example, in high school was invited to a party at one of the upper classmen's house. His parents were out of town but I left that part out when I asked for permission to go. Some of the kids were doing...
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