Characteristics That Affect Consumer Behavior Ego Shampoo

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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The buying behavior of consumers is affected by different cultural, social, personal and psychological, where the former are the greatest influence. Cultural and social factors determine the wishes of the people. Who does not use s shampoo these days? It is used by men, women, boys and girls, people always use it and many go beyond simply choosing it for their functional characteristics or custom. The market is flooded with products designed for women, in this case, which is achieved through a campaign of raising expectations for the brand, makes men discuss the various situations in which women, by custom or identification, they are always privileged to praise his intelligence products, is to persuade men, beauty and other features and issues that men are left out, where not even have their own shampoo, hence the reflection time if not use something especially for him. The belief that a shampoo must necessarily be directed or inspired by women is totally rejected by the appearance of this product. Currently there are many products on the market for hair care are aimed at all social classes. Quala SA The company uses the concept of aspiration groups, ie, the ideal of belonging to a higher class to which they belong. It costs less than comparable products in this category, but it conveys the insight of being a shampoo designed for men of high social status. Social classes have different preferences of brands and products that is why the poster should write dialogues that fit the market you are targeting. The family is a factor in the formation and decision one buying behaviors and patterns of direct consumption is the number of members in the family. The indirect influence is determined by parents and their knowledge of family needs. It follows that the use of the same brand of shampoo for all members of the family is more likely, thus creating an unmet need for men and therefore a very interesting market segment and feasible to enter. The behavior of every human...
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