Characteristics of a Knowledge- and Value-Centered Manager

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  • Published : October 18, 2008
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There are many qualities and characteristics needed in a manager. These include the following:

1. Knowledge and Experience in Management: having an employee participate in additional classes, lectures, seminars, etc., will give the opportunity for them to advance into a management position. Knowledge of company policies, operational procedures, and the mission and goals of the company, will be an asset and certainly required.

2. Professionalism: a manager must conduct him or her self in a professional manner. They are representing the company they work for. Values, morals, and ethics are needed in order to be a productive manager because he or she will be familiar with the concept of right and wrong and the understanding of principles.

3. Organizational Skills: a manager needs to be organized, neat and well prepared. He or she may need to provide documentation that is legible, clear, and concise, indicating specific information. Working environments should be organized in order to run smoothly. This process will be able to address problems and provide solutions knowing which “step” went wrong. The manager knows what is occurring at all times.

4. People Skills: a manager must be able to work directly with multiple types of personalities. He or she will need to be aware that not all employees react or feel the same toward any given situation. Communication is an important factor when addressing employees, authorities, the public, and consumers. Empathy and acceptance may be two of the most important traits in a manager. He or she needs to be understanding and willing to listen to whom they are speaking with, offering insight as to what will or will not work with or for that person. Acceptance is something that is just as important. Accepting a person for who there are and not what you want them to be, will display the manager’s ability to be proactive, unbiased and successful.

5. Commitment: a manager has to be committed to those they serve, to who...
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