Characteristics of a Gentleman

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itiCharacteristics of a Gentleman
A gentleman is polite, decent and known for his courteous conduct. He is a man of principles. To look at the characteristics of a gentleman, Today, we use the word 'gentleman' very casually, without understanding the depth in its meaning. Any audiences, large or small, are addressed by the terms ladies and gentlemen. On looking at the real deep meaning of the word 'gentleman' we realize how carelessly we use it. The word 'gentleman' has evolved over a long time. The word is associated with esteemed values and principles that should be possessed by a man to be called a gentleman. The connotation of the word 'gentleman' has changed over time. It once implied a man of conduct, a man of virtue while it has become an everyday word of the present times.

Gentleman's Characteristics
Being a gentleman does not depend on the social standing of a man. It is his behavior, which makes him a gentleman. According to an old story, a woman had requested the king to make her son a gentleman. The king had replied to her saying that he would only be able to make him a nobleman and only God would be able to make him a gentleman. During the Shakespearean Era, a man who bore a coat of arms was considered a gentleman. During the olden days, wearing a sword was one of the visible characteristics of gentlemen.

With the introduction of Confucianism in the East, certain characteristics began to be associated with gentlemen. A gentleman was supposed to hold good moral values and be loyal and pious. A man who sought justice and always stood by humaneness was considered a gentleman.

With the passing time, the word 'gentleman' began to be linked to a wider range of characteristics. Today, one may associate a gentleman with gentleness. But the real significance of the word was a man's characteristic of gentility. A gentleman is one who treats others, especially women with respect. It is he who bears great regard towards womanhood. It is he who...
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