Characteristics of a Best Friend

Topics: Virtue, Friendship, 2004 albums Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Vanessa Proctor
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Exemplification essay

Characteristics of a best friend

A best friend’s support is unconditional. She is always beside you in the good and bad moments of your life, giving a hand and love, without judging you. Everyone needs someone in their life, family and friends. A best friend is someone that you can trust and you can talk to, on every aspect of your life and the society. Is someone who you can share secrets in confidence. For example, if you had a discussion with your boss today at work, the first person you would talk about the frustration you had is with your best friend. Another example, if you have to talk, you can phone her even in the middle of the night. This means a friend always has time to listen to you and give her opinion about what happened. With all the stress in your life, you can not always be working or staying with your family. A best friend needs to be out going and fun. For example, going shopping together or going out to get drunk and talk about all the stupid things that aren’t important. Also a good friend is not just about having a good time with you, it is also about how willing she is being honest, and point out when you are doing something she doesn’t agree with. For example, you are spending to much money on the casino, she will tell you that is the wrong way to win money and is the best way to get a empty wallet. Thinking about needs and values, once you have recognized these needs which, satisfied, enable you to be the best person you possibly can be, a friend will help you get them met. People can be selfish, thinking only of themselves and acting without caring about the others, I’m sure that you had or have disappointments with friends. So nowadays, is getting harder to trust someone. For example, when you hurt her feelings, telling you don’t like her mother, or you kissed her boyfriend. You are...
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