Characteristics of Society

Topics: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Desiderius Erasmus Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Characteristics of a society
By: Alexis Lewis
A characteristic of society is simply what it means. But how do you characterize a society? Well for one thing, a society is group of people who are elaborative with each other. A characteristic is solely the way you group things, living or nonliving. Combine those two words together, and you get the following definition. A characteristic of a society is when you categorize a group of people (society) to get the understanding that you need. Why should we categorize a society? Well for one thing, there are some people. Not all, who does not fit up to the standards of a society. And then there are those, who are doing exceptionally well with their lives. Then finally, there is the Middle-Classmen, like myself. Who are making it just fine. These are the three different categories that us, the society are put into. The people who really can’t take care of themselves live in poverty. This means they need some type of secure figure (the government) to fall back on. Now sometimes, not all the time they actually become successful enough to be considered as middle-classmen, but eventually are not able to obtain the middle-class level of life. Everyone falls short is what I’m saying. Average poverty rate of the United States in 2010 – 2011 was 15.9. Or in a body count, the number is 48.5 million people. Another characteristic is race. Be characterize a society often times by their race. Some do it racially, some just comparing. I personally, don’t think we should characterize by race, every race is a race of God. We’re all the same structure. They characterize societies financially. If your society is financially stable, you’ll be talked about. If your society is financially unstable, you’ll be center of a conversation. Being financially stable is a very beneficial title. You can fix up your society and make them/it look presentable. Every society, stable or not, Can fix their society. If you’re unstable, improve business...
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