Characteristics of Plants

Topics: Plant, Fruit, Seed Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: February 16, 2013
NAME AND PICTURE| SCIENTIFIC NAME OF PLANT| GROWING LOCATION| DEFENCE MECHANISMS| KEY/UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS ABOUT THE PLANT| Strangler fig| Ficushartwegii, FicuscrassiusculaThe giant Ficustuerckheimii| They originally start growing as epiphytes (a plant that grows on another plant but is not parasitic) in the crook of a tree or on its branches. The seeds of the strangler fern are tiny and sticky which allows them to stick to the host tree. | It is beneficial that the strangler fig starts its life high in the canopy of the forest so it can get the nutrients it needs from the very beginning. There is an immense competition for sunlight on the forest floor. The strangler fig then works its way down the host tree and forms its own root system. After a while they completely “strangle” the host tree depriving it from nutrients and sunlight until it finally dies and the strangler fig stands alone.| It also can grow to be 148 feet tall.It also has a hollow center where the host tree used to be.Very important plant species in the rainforest. They bear fruit several times a year providing lots of food for many animals.| Orchid| There are many species of orchids but the name of the genus is:Orchidaceae| Orchids are epiphytes(a plant that grows on another plant but is not parasitic), it grows on another tree.| There is an great competition for sunlight in the rainforest, the fact that orchids is and epiphyte gives it an advantage, allowing it to reach more sunlight and nutrients. They have roots with a large surface area for rapid absorption of nutrients and water. Their secondary stems can hold stores of water so the plant can withstand periods of drying.| Is equipped with a small bucket structure behind the flower. The flower produces and oil which drips into the "bucket" and attracts bees with its unique odorThe largest flowering plant group in the world.Orchids have a large lip on the flower known as a labellum| Pitcher plant| There are many...
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