Characteristics of Orientalism on Muslim and Arab Americans

Topics: Middle East, Islam, United States Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: March 18, 2012
There are several differences when it comes to the differences between Muslims and Arabs. A Muslim is a person who lives their life according to the laws and traditions of the Islamic faith. Arabs are people whose roots come from the Arabian Peninsula or either a person that speaks the Arabic language; the people in this ethnicity live in the Middle East. There is one important change within the last two years that has been notable by the United States that has made to policies relating to the treatment of Muslim and the Arabic members of the general public. One of the changes that come to mind is within the Justice Department policy change, this change allows the FBI to investigate Americans without any type of evidences of misconduct but they are relying on a terrorist profile that would effortlessly point out Muslims as well as Arabs. Under this strategy the FBI would be permitted to consider ethnicity and also race when they began an investigation, they would also be permitted to ask questions about the activities of Arab-Americans and American Muslims. They can also begin an investigation if someone’s background is marked as person of interest by government analysts going through individual public records and other information about a person. Orientalism is a term that is used in the description of Eastern cultures. It can be used as a technique of detaining the characteristics of Eastern civilization. It can convey the different methods of doing things and what can be probable of the Eastern cultures. Orientalism is frequently used for Americans to be able to assemble some form of understanding about the different cultures and not be so swift to form prejudices and judgments of Eastern society. The act of Orientalism inside itself is the act that is used to encourage acceptance and decrease prejudice ideas about Muslims and Arabs. This may not be the case if only people would take the time out to learn about different cultures and treat other people with...
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