Characteristics of Monera

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Characteristics of Monera
The following points related to Monera characteristics will help you understand the kingdom of classification better. •Monera are about 1 micrometer in size and complex as living molecules. •The Monera cell structure is mostly unicellular and some organisms that form groups or filaments. •These organisms are the simplest prokaryotic cell structures. •The Monera cell structure lacks nuclei and many other cell organelles. •They have a cell wall made of polysaccharides with polypeptide cross links with a chemical called peptidoglycan. •They lack enclosed sub-cellular organelles like mitochondria and only have ribosomes. •The genetic material DNA is contained in the cytoplasm called nucleoid. •Many bacterial species contain rings of DNA called plasmids. •The cytoplasm is enclosed by plasma membrane that lies beneath the cell wall. •The plasma membrane is made up of lipids and proteins.

Some Monera have hair like pilli for adhesion or tail-like flagella for locomotion. •The source of nutrition for these organisms is usually photosynthesis or chemosynthesis. •The characteristics also include the shape of the cell that includes round (cocci), rod-like (bacilli) or spiral (spirochetes or spirilla). •Reproduction is asexually through binary fission or sexually by conjugation. The process of circulation and digestion is carried out through diffusion. •The Monera kingdom includes all bacteria that may infect animals, humans and plants. But most of the members are termed as beneficial bacteria, rather than pathogenic bacteria. •The Monerans kill organisms causing pathogenic diseases, breaks down algae and can even recycle chemical pollutants like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. •Bacteria that grow in the root nodules help break down atmospheric nitrogen into fixed nitrogen, •The bacteria that forms the natural flora of the intestines are very important for proper digestion. •One of their many characteristics also includes...
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