Characteristics of Modernity and Modern Society in Australia

Topics: Sociology, World War II, Zygmunt Bauman Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Week 3 Tutorial questions
1. What is modernity? What is modernisation? It is used to describe complex range of phenomena associated with changes that separated contemporary society from earliar societies. Modernisation is processes that lead to modernity. It is the key characteristics of modernity there are ten dimensions of modernity, five associated with structures and five that reflect changing relationships. Characteristic 1: the rise of rationality

Characteristic 2: a belief in science
Characteristic 3: the nation-state
Characteristic 4: the emergence of class structures
Characteristic 5: the belief in progress.
Characteristic 6: the rise of the indivdual and choice.
Characteristic 7: self expression and identity.
Characteristic 8: changing forms of power.
Characteristic 9: control
Characteristic 10: the private sphere
2. Respond to the statement ''Australia is a modern society" ? Explain your answer by reflecting on the way Australia society is both modern and traditional simutaneously. Australia today is I would say a moden society because back when hundreds and thousands of people arrived in Australia after the First World War they were greatly influenced on Australia becoming a modern society. The people that migrated into Australia bought their skills, commitment to family, education and their own cultural values. The years between the First and Second World Wars saw the emegence of cultural diversity in Australian society that was characterised by a expanded migration of people, especially men from southern Europe, the Adriatic and the Mediterrean. Australia is both modern and traditional because the people living in this country all come from multi cultural backgrounds. Their traditional backgrounds influence people which therefore creates Australia to be a traditional country. All over the country we see multi culturalism everywhere, this can be from the food we eat e.g. Australia has a variety of different types of...
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