Characteristics Of Entrepreneurs

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Characteristics of entrepreneurs------------------------------------------------------3

Am I an entrepreneurial “type” of person? -----------------------------------------4

The influence of contexts on entrepreneurial characteristics-------------------5

“Family business” ------------------------------------------------------------------------5

“Small business owners” ----------------------------------------------------------------6




Since the significant role that the entrepreneur plays in today’s market has been widely acknowledged, studies on the impacts of entrepreneurial behavior continuously carried out by economists and scholars. The public’s interest and understanding of entrepreneurship has been brought into a new level. People increasingly believe that an entrepreneur person can have better control of his/her future than others. In order to become a true entrepreneur, first of all, it is essential to examine the extent to which I am perceived as a potential entrepreneur. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the entrepreneur characteristics I currently possess, as well as exploring certain contexts in which some crucial characteristics can be further developed towards a successful entrepreneur.

Characteristics of entrepreneurs

Driessen and Zwart (2010, p1) make a good point in their article. As they suggested, comparing with the influence of entrepreneur’s diplomas, business knowledge and craftsmanship on a business’s success, the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur seems play an even more important role. It is known to us that the personal characteristics and traits are the results of both genetics and social environment, which leads to the diversity of entrepreneurs. We celebrate the unique of each...
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