Characteristics of DiatomsSimilarities Between Diatoms and

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Characteristics of Diatoms
Similarities Between Diatoms and Dinoflagellates
Characteristics of Dinoflagellates
- Microscopic phytoplankton that have a silicate wall.
- Most abundant type of photosynthetic organism in the ocean. - Not considered plants.
- 2 basic shapes: pennate and centric.
- Only found in the photic zone because they rely on the sun's energy. - They are either benthic: found on the bottom, or planktonic: free-floating.

- Both single celled organisms.
- Both found in the ocean.
- Both contain Phytoplankton.
- 2nd most abundant primary producer in the ocean.
- Not considered plants but protists instead.
- Name is given from having two flagella.
- Some found in freshwater.
- Many species make up the symbolic alga that exists by living in other organisms such as coral and sea anemones. - Red Tide is the name of large blooms.
- When the phytoplankton reproduces, it brings harmful effects on marine life due to toxins being released into the water by the dinoflagellates.  
3. Based on the information you’ve gathered do you feel that the cause of the food poisoning is a diatom or a dinoflagellate? Why? - I feel that Dinoflagellate is the cause of the food poisoning because it is more spread out then Diatoms. Dinoflagellates can survive in many places that Diatoms can't. Also, they have more types of species then Diatoms do. Diatoms rely on the sun's energy, Dinoflagellates don't. Dinoflagellates are found all over, Diatoms are only found on the bottom or top floating.
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