Characteristics of Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Topics: Greg Heffley, Figure 8, Elliott Smith Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: February 7, 2014
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Greg Heffley
Lazy - I say that Greg is very lazy, for several reasons. First, one time on his way to school he made Rowley, his best friend, carry him on a piggy back. Second, during the summer Greg would NEVER do any sports or get any physical activity instead he would just stay at home all day playing video games and since his dad expects him to be playing outside, every time right before his dad came home, he’d turn off his video games, run out to the backyard, run through the sprinklers and pretend to play football all by himself.

Creative - Greg Heffley is very creative. He thinks of ways out even in the most complicated situations. One time, when his mom made him write out “Thank You” cards for his Christmas gifts. Greg got the easy way out. Instead of writing a unique, personal one for each person, he just wrote up a template and switched the gift each person gave him, and the name of the person and ta-da he was done. Another time, he got a new pair of shoes and didn't want to get them dirty, so he tied plastic bags around his shoes not to get them dirty. Last but not least he always “hires” himself some sort of a mini slave.

When your Gregs mini slave. You have quite a bit of responsibilities, for example, when your walking with him to school, you’ll most likely going to have to carry his books and watch out for doggy messes on the sidewalks, and sometimes you might even have to carry him up the hill so Greg wouldn't get too tired. Or when your in some sort of scary situations you will ALWAYS go first so Greg knows if he will be safe or not.

Understanding - Greg is pretty understanding when it comes to certain things especially when it comes to understanding where he fits in into society. Greg knows that he isn't popular, AT ALL. He knows that when its time to pick teams at physed, that he will get picked last. He knows that nobody will ever sit with him at lunch, so he sits next to the garbage can on...
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