Characteristics of Developmental Periods

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Characteristics of Developmental Periods
Five stages of a child’s development factor in who a child is and who he or she becomes. This paper focuses on a brief discussion to identify and explain the distinguishing characteristics that make each child unique. Infancy (Birth-2 Years)

Infancy is the stage from birth thru two; infants grow rapidly in this stage. They are developing gross motor skills such as rolling over, crawling, and sitting up along with gross motor infants are strengthening their fine motor skills for example, eye and hand coordination helps develop the muscles in their eyes and hands. Furthermore, later in this stage children develop self-help skills with feeding, potty, and dress their selves. Early Childhood (2-6 Years)

Early childhood from two thru six with this stage appearances change, as they tend to grow longer and lose the baby fat. As they make several transitions for diapers and naps, their motor skills also improve with the ability to hold utensils properly to running. At this stage, children are full of imagination, ambition, and need to learn more with their inquisitive minds. Middle Childhood (6-10 Years)

Middle childhood is six thru 10 children tend to stay at a steady growth with weight and height. Moreover, they become self-critical more aware of their appearance. At this stage, they lose their baby teeth and grow in their adult permanent ones. As their gross motor skills are no longer awkward and are, steady they now excel in social activities with sports. Furthermore, this stage fine-tuned their fine motor skills with writing skills, coloring in the lines, crafts, and computer key boards.

Early Adolescence (10-14 Years)
Early adolescence is between 10 and 14 where many changes take place internally and externally thru puberty in this stage. As their body’s change with growth spurts and their hormones very active, they become aware of sexuality and...
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