Characteristics of Competent Communicators

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  • Published : June 21, 2007
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Is about 7:30 am, today i will be taking my behind the wheel test, you know to get my licencse. My appointment was for 8:50 am. So i get ready went, got there waited, then finally I was in the car with the instructor. So it begins.... So i pull out....In my mind this has got to be the easiest test i ever would have taken... So i was pulling out the parking, my instrutor, instructed me to make a left turn, easy rigth??? Ofcoarse it is. Well there was a few complications, at the same time there was another car, this car was attempting to make a rigth hand turn into the parking lot, not to mention, he didnt have huis turning signals on but it was clear that he was making a right. So he was half way into the turn, and i made my turn, well i should have not done that, apparently i wasnt supposed to, i was supposed to wait until he completed his turn, so okay no harm done. A normal instrutor would let you go through the entire test before failing you, but this one, well shes on crack, she automatically failed me for another persons incoppetence. So i failed the test, yeah i was PISSED, but its not going to stop me from driving without a licencse.

Well, unfortunately, that is not the end of my day, after DMV I had a few erons to run, so did them. I got done about 9:30 am, i came home around 9:35 am, I figured that since it is still early and I dont have to go to my job interview with Ann Taylor Lofts, until 3:00pm I am going back to sleep, catch up on long awaited rest. A little about myself, I personally like to have the music on when I sleep, so naturally I turned on my stereo, and put a cd on. I figured that since no one else is on, this would be a good time to try out my new speakers, yeah i just put in two big ass speakers on it like two weeks ago, never really had a chance to check it out, so i turned it up to as high as it can possiibly get, oh SHIT this bangs, you should have heard it, it shook the whole house. Well i shouldnt...
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