Characteristics of Capabilities and Resources of Carrefour

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BMGMT3202 Strategic Management
Department Course Name Semester Commence Date Deadline Date Unit Controller / Examiner Contact Number E-mail : : : : : : : : Faculty of Business & management 6 Week 9 Mirza Vejzagic EXT (8407)

Group Assignment 2

ASSIGNMENT This assignment is designed and aimed to improve your analytical techniques. The assignment is worth 20% of your total grade. All groups (5 students in a group) should read Case Study Carrefour, and elaborate the following issues related to the Case with justifiable theories. 1. Since 2004, Carrefour has been in a re-launching process, because of a growing competition both on a worldwide level and in many specific country markets. Conduct a SWOT analysis for the group and discuss critically the multi format approach in this context. 2. Conduct General environment analysis with justifiable theories. 3. Conduct Industry environment analysis with justifiable theories. 4. Discuss the characteristics of capabilities and resources of Carrefour. 5. Briefly explain the three types of international corporate-level strategies with some relevant theories and then discuss critically about Carrefour’s adopted international corporate-level strategy. 6. Discuss the level of diversification in Carrefour with referring to financial statement analysis. 7. Discuss the Relationship between customers and each of Carrefour’s business level strategies (business formats) in terms of who, what and how? 8. Based on problem statement and your analysis, give suggestion how Carrefour can achieve competitive advantages and above average return or sustain competitive advantages and above average return. Justify your answer based on relevant theories.

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Resource: 1. Sources used for this case study include the web sites and , and various annual and...
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