Characteristics of an Epic Hero

Topics: Driving, Driver's license, Driver's education Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Victoria Johnson
ELA 11
In some states, legislators have debated whether teenagers should be required to maintain a “C” grade average in school before receiving a driver’s license. Some people think this would be a good policy because having passing grades shows that students are responsible enough o be good drivers. Other people think such a policy would not be appropriate because they see no relationship between grades in school and driving skills. In your opinion, should teenagers be required to maintain a “C” average in school before receiving a driver’s license? Recently, legislators have been considering barring poor students from obtaining drivers licenses. Students with averages of “D” or below would be unable to keep a license until they improved their grades. I do not need a license to understand that such an idea if flawed. Some unfortunate students need their licenses to support their family. Also, having good grades is not an accurate measure of one’s driving skills. Finally, the measure will encourage failing students to cheat on tests and quizzes for a better grade. Students should have the right to a drivers’ license regardless of their academic performance. Some students with poor grades are also economically poor. They may live in an impoverished situation. Therefore, their parents will rely on their older child to support the family through a job or by running time-consuming errands around the town. If the student has no drivers’ license, they will be, furthermore, unable to go out and pick up the day’s bread and potatoes. “Then the child should study,” legislators will cry. However, these students often find it difficult to stay on top of their studies while holding down an 8 hour shift at the McDonald’s. As a result they are unable to study and get a good grade. There are students like this in any town. Taking away their drivers license is synonymous to taking away their only mode of...
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