Characteristics of an Effective Therapist

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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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Characteristics of the Effective Therapist (#1)

Valencia Ransom
MHC 650
Foundations of Counseling

An effective counselor would embody commitment for the client and to the career; some other characteristics of an effective counselor can help pinpoint the obstacles in your way. If you have control over these obstacles, a counselor can suggest behavioral changes to help you overcome them. If these obstacles involve are outside of your control, your counselor can teach you coping mechanisms that will foster your well being in trying circumstances. Moreover, an effective counselor would be able to identify the negative thinking patterns that develop in the clients’ mind, when dealing with depression, anxiety, etc and be able to give the client some coping mechanisms and show the client that he/she has the tools within to push him/herself to always think positive. All in all, a counselor must be “real”, if the client sees that the counselor is “there” with the client and can feel what he/she are feeling the barriers of trust would break down quickly. Some personality characteristics that I currently posses is the ability to be real with my client and just listen and let the client vent. I’m pretty sure I can pull the client to see that he/she has the tools within to help themselves become the better person he/she wants to be. However, some characteristics that can be detrimental to the counseling relationship is if the counselor has that “know it all” attitude, and shows the client that he/she is nothing much than a 30 minute session and does not want to really help the client.
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