Characteristic of Good Co-Worker

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When you work at a company, your colleagues obviously constitute an important factor that conduce to an interesting or horrible job. As far as I’m concerned, a great colleague is an enthusiastic, responsible, and friendly person.

To begin with, I believe that an enthusiastic worker will not only accomplish his or her tasks quickly but also be able to foster other people who collaborate with him or her . This is because when I was previously working in a software development team, one of my teammates always showed zeal for our projects. He agreed to do every tasks that team leader gave to. In addition, he normally finished the tasks earlier than other co-workers. This resulted in that other people in the team including me were encouraged by his great enthusiasm. We tried our best to work and complete our tasks as soon as possible. Our projects, therefore, were usually accomplished before deadline.

Secondly, how do you work with irresponsible co-workers? My brother, who work in a bank, usually complains about his colleagues. Since they usually leave their position during working hours for personal activities, they don’t fulfill their tasks, hence my brother have to help them to carry out their ones. Consequently, for me, being responsible is always considered to be a vital trait that every co-workers needs to possess.

Last but not least, friendly co-workers will create a friendly and comfortable working atmosphere that can increase the interest of employees in their job. For example, I was pressurized greatly into doing my projects one year ago. However, by communicating with friendly colleagues, I felt more relaxed and was able to perform the project completely. Furthermore, since we are friendly people, our team are capable of collaborating more efficiently. Thus, our projects are usually finished quickly.

In conclusion, although I have not had many chances to work with various people yet, there may be more other characteristics to define a great...
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