Characterisation in the Great Gatsby

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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How far does characterisation contribute to the way in which the reader responds to events in the novel?

Characters in The Great Gatsby are well-educated. Their speech and dialogue reflect this education, which in turn reflects their wealth and social status. I have chosen to analyse page 37-39's language in relative of how characterisation contributes to the way the reader responds to this passage. Fitzgerald presents chapter 3 in many ways, like chapter 2, moving from one party to another and encouraging the juxtaposition of the two events. Tom's party and Gatsby's party are quite different, the main contrast from Tom's party is that he had some sort of acknowledgement of who exactly the majority of his guests were. However, people weren’t invited to Gatsby’s house, they simply just showed up. From the point I started to analyse Nick strongly states that ''I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited'' This shocking truth be told has certainly affected the reader in a way of at first thinking of Gatsby being a rich, high social status person that people in the 1900's associated of having very over protective events completely makes the reader think that they may have misread and misinterpreted their thoughts and imagined characteristics of Gatsby. Initially Nick makes it clearly objectively told that '' People were not invited-they went there'' That shows that Gatsby didn’t have many real friends, only people trying to take advantage of his hospitality and wealth as well as absorbing in the lavish surroundings of his mansion. These people show falseness as they don't even know Gatsby and unfortunately towards the end none of the 'party-goers' attend his funeral.

Fitzgerald makes Nick a internal narrator therefore having the reader in utter engagement in what is going on throughout the whole novel, but concentrating in this passage I picked out Nick, living next door to Gatsby, has been observing the parties at a distance, as a casual...
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