Characterisation Comparison

Topics: Fiction, Gregor Samsa, Franz Kafka Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Characterization Comparison-The Metamorphosis and The Judgment 1. Comparison between Georg Bendemann and Gregor Samsa(PROTAGONISTS) Similarities:
* “Indirect characterization”
* Dynamic characters
* Stream of consciousness, which depicts their emotions
* Round characters
* Third-person point of view
* Author’s depiction of them is biased as it is autobiographic in a way * Character depicted through the way they interact with their superiors and inferiors in the story * Their way of dealing with the climax of the story and the obstacles in their path-‘true test of character’ * Both of their dark sides have been portrayed via someone else’s point-of-view, leaving the possibility that it might be untrue. Differences:

* Gregor has been given the tool of flashback in The Metamorphosis unlike Georg in The Judgment. * Discontinuous ‘stream of consciousness’ for Georg in The Judgment, leaving us to infer or guess his emotions during the climax * Depiction of character’s job dedication and skill level 2. Comparison between Georg Bendemann’s father and Gregor Samsa’s father Similarities:

* Characterization depicted through ‘dialogue’
* Indirect characterization
* Characterization portrayed through changes in their treatment of their sons * Stream of Consciousness of protagonist gives us a general idea about their characters * Round characters
* Georg Bendemann’s father has a monologue which represents the climax of the story and serves to complicate the portrayal of his character, whereas Gregor Samsa’s father has a one-sided portrayal. * Flashback from Georg Bendemann’s father’s point-of-view, no such literary device used for Gregor Samsa’s father. * Georg Bendemann’s father comes across as a static character who does not reveal his true self until the end whereas Gregor Samsa’s father is more dynamic and changes through the course of the story.
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