Character Traits of Peter in Cue for Treason

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Cue for treason - Rough Draft

This essay is going to talk about the character traits of Peter Brownrigg in Geoffrey Trease’s Cue for Treason. Peter Brownrigg is the novel’s narrator and protagonist. He is fourteen years old and he lives in Country Cumberland. One day, he throws a rock to Sir Phillip which makes him get in a lot of trouble, he has to leave his hometown for his own safety, and then Peter starts on the journey. Peter is independent, rational and courageous. He knows how to take care of himself, instead of relying on his parents. Moreover Peter handles matters rationality as he will not base his decisions on his own emotion, which may influence his ability to judgement and his action. Finally, Peter is courageous as he tries to do anything to keep people that he cares about safe. The character traits of independent, rationality, and courageousness are explored through the character of Peter Brownrigg in Cue for treason.

Peter Brownrigg is independent. When he going to leave his home he tells his mother that he is going take care of himself. “I’ll be all right.” I comforted my mother. “I’ll get out of the district; I’ll ship across into Scotland perhaps; I’ll get work, and I’ll send word to you that I’m all right. Then in a few months, maybe, I shall be able to come back, and the whole thing be forgotten.”(31) “I’d always wanted to see the outside world, I’d always wanted adventure, and now I was going to get it with a vengeance.” (32) As you can see, Peter is an independent boy, he does not want his mother too worry about him, so he says that he is going Scotland, and planning his journey. Peter is independent because he does not need to rely on his parents as normal teenagers do.

Peter Brownrigg is also rational. Although he is jealous of Kit because she is good at acting as a boy. Peter realizes that Kit is girl when he...
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