Character Sketch of Katniss Everdeen

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  • Published : June 19, 2012
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Character Sketch of Katniss Everdeen
Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist and narrator of the novel The Hunger Games by Suzane Collins. All the events that happen in the novel have an influence on her. Katniss is 16 years old with straight long black hair usually worn in a braid. She has gray eyes, and olive skin. These traits are common in the Seam in the lower class miners of District 12. To begin with, when she’s in the woods, she wears everyday clothes and always carries a bow and arrows to go hunt for food. Secondly, for the reaping she wears a beautiful light blue dress, yet the color blue represents her spirituality, youth and true personality. Thirdly, in the arena she wore dark clothes, or the color black which is the color of the coal (simple product of District 12). Thirdly, for the interview at Panem she wears an attractive red dress, yet the color red is the color of passion which attracts the people of Panen to love her, and its completely appropriate for the TV show. At last, from the beginning until the end of the Hunger Games Katniss wears ordinary clothes. Katniss's first name comes from a plant that is more commonly known as Sagittaria or Arrowhead, usually found in water. The root of this plant can be eaten, as Katniss does in the book. The plant also shares its name with "The Archer", which may also reference Katniss's skills in archery. It is very clear that in District 12 families will name their children with plants names, like Katniss’ sister’s name Primrose. Katniss plays the most important role in the novel. She’s a very mature young teenager. First of all, she had to take the role of her father as a provider and as a guardian. Secondly, she can’t trust anyone because she lives in poverty, and people in her District would do anything to get food. Thirdly, she’s very brave when she goes into the woods even though she’s not allowed to go there, because it goes against the rules and she could be punished by the Capitol. Finally, she’s not...
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