Character Sketch: Annabeth Chase

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Character Sketch: Annabeth Chase

With beach-wavy blonde hair and eyes an intelligent stormy grey, Annabeth Chase stands tall and confident, endowed with a love for knowledge and adventure. Whether she’s being tested, or actually running for her life, Annabeth keeps cool and thinks fast, using her beauty and cunning with great precision. Being the daughter of the goddess of wisdom, Athena, Annabeth inherited a love of architecture and an accurate use of strategy. Unluckily, she has also been given an overbearing phobia of spiders, and a fatal flaw that has cursed many other children of Athena: hubris, or, deadly pride.

Her fellow half-blood campers respect Annabeth and go to her for advice and tips about quests because of her extensive experiences and foreknowledge of many myths. Several members even fear Annabeth due to her strong will and determination. Leo most notably mentions in The Mark of Athena that while Annabeth was on her solo quest for the “Mark”: “Leo never thought he’d feel this way, but he was actually worried about that scary blond girl.” Annabeth is a strong and graceful character, and hopes to never be apart from her boyfriend, male protagonist, Percy Jackson. Currently in the book series, Annabeth and Percy have just helplessly fallen into Tartarus together, rather than Percy let her venture alone and try to rescue her later. The couple spent over six months apart as Hera abducted Percy. Hera wiped his memories, luckily excluding several of Annabeth, but has since regained all his experiences. Annabeth had spent those months searching and scouring for any leads to where her beloved may have been. Finally being reunited, Annabeth has returned to her normal bookworm, active, enjoyable self.
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