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Topics: Meaning of life, Hunting, Short story Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: April 10, 2013
CHARACTER SKETCH: A character sketch is a vivid description of a person, attitude, special qualities or traits, typical behavior or response. The character sketch gives a deep insight into the personality of a person which makes him different from another person. The character sketch usually depicts the dominant trait that is most important to the story.

Example of a short character sketch of Maxwell's stenographer - from a short story by O' Henry named The Romance of a Busy Broker

The stenographer of Maxwell Ms Leslie is a young beautiful lady but very non-stenographic. She did not wear any ornaments like chains, bracelets or lockets. She was simple and serious not at all like ordinary secretaries, who would receive everybody's invitation for lunch. She wore plain dresses, which fitted her figure with fidelity and discretion. She was radiant and shy. She had bright eyes. She always wore a lilac perfume.

Example of a longer character sketch of Coachman Ali from the story The Letter by Gauri Shanker Joshi

Ali was a clever hunter and hunting was his favorite past time. If he did not hunt everyday he felt uneasy. He couldn't do without it as an opium eater longs for his portion. But as he grew old he left his old ways and his life took a new turn. When his daughter Miriam married and went to stay in Punjab he understood the meaning of love and separation. He now admired nature and did not appreciate hunting. He understood the fear experienced by the young birds killed by him. For five years he had received no information about his daughter. So, he was very sad and upset. He made it a point to go to the local post office every morning so that he could receive her letter and get some information about her. This is his story.
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