Character Report Lord of the Flies

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Jack Merridew was born to the Meridew estate in England. Before the war Jack was a thriving student at one of the top grade schools in England. Jack, a very smart and gifted individual mastered at the art of mathematics. Jack’s parents had selected Jack to be on the transport plane for the greater chances of him getting away from the war. Jacks mom Lucy Meridew and his father Eric Clapton Meridew II had been married no more than an year before having Jack blindsiding their other priorities. His father Eric was good to jack treated him like a father should treat his son, by taking care of Jack. Jack’s mom Lucy was abusive towards Jack and his father. The mental and abusive harm that Jack received as a infant and child affected his mind that no one would think possible. Jack’s mom Lucy however became a different person when Jack turned the age of eight. Lucy became loving and compassionate towards Jack when she realized the effect her behavior had had on her son. Inside Jack’s mind the damage had already happened and Jack became distant from his family and started to act strange and try to take as many leadership roles as he could in his school. If Jack didn’t get something he wanted all hell broke loose and he would throw a huge tantrum over the littlest thing. Jack as the years passed always wanted more power for everything he wanted to do everything. It seemed that what had happened in his early childhood had taken a huge effect on him. The way Jack was raised caused him to think he was a great leader while he had many flaws.
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