Character Relationships in Kindred

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Rufus Weylin and Tom Weylin
In Rufus’s youth he had hated and feared his father but as he grew older he had grown to respect his father. 1. Rufus burned the stable when he did not get what he wanted for example. He felt no need to talk it out with someone he had no respect for therefore he resorted to drastic actions to capture his father’s attention and communicate his contention. 2. As Rufus became older he began talking to his father often talking the people or slaves he liked out of harsher punishments by his father. Rufus for example was instrumental in saving Kevins life when threatened by his father. 3. Rufus in the beginning saw nothing in his father he wanted. Citing that his love for money often times prevailed his own family. 4. Towards the end Rufus had learned to respect his father and to take from him certain admirable qualities such as his will to fulfill his promises, even to slaves. Dana and Rufus

In the beginning Dana and Rufus were weary of each other but the more time they spent with each other they had grown to like and trust each other. The two eventually became so familiar with each other that they grew to disrespect each other brewing violent emotions. 1. Rufus had grown comfortable enough to Dana to know that she could not resist helping others and not seeing others getting punished harshly without due. He used that against her when he threatened to have Alice whipped if she didn’t talk to her about having sex with Rufus. 2. Rufus was not totally confident Dana was telling the truth about being from the future in the beginning. He also was weary of her but she became like a mother to Rufus taking care of him when he had a broken leg often times to the dismay of his own mother. Quickly earning his trust. 3. In the beginning Dana wanted to protect Rufus so that she could see that she and her ancestry could be born in the future. 4. Dana wanted to kill Rufus on two separate occasions before the birth of Hagar....
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