Character Profile of Lennie Small

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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Character Profile on Lennie Small
By: Rebecca Broadbent

Lennie Small is one of the main characters in the book Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. Lennie’s age is not identified in the novel, but one can assume that he is a young adult. Lennie is very tall with a shapeless face. He has big pale eyes, wide sloping shoulders, and massive hands like bear claws. Lennie is very mentally slow. He doesn’t quite understand everything that is said to him. Lennie also can’t remember things very well. Lennie is a very simple minded person. In the novel, Lennie doesn’t really have very complex motivations. Lennie pretty much likes to pet things. He doesn’t know his own strength; so he often accidently kills the animal that he is petting. On page five George gets onto Lennie for carrying a dead mouse in his pocket. George just wanted to pet the mouse, but it tried to bite him so he squeezed his head a little to punish it, and that killed the mouse. Lennie didn’t mean any harm to the mouse. It was an accident. Lennie also just wants to tend to the rabbits. George constantly tells Lennie the story of how they are going to get a stake and have their own farm, and Lennie will get to tend to the rabbits. Very simple things please Lennie. When Lennie and George get to the bunkhouse; Lennie is given a pup. Once again, Lennie doesn’t know his own strength and he kills the pup. Anytime Lennie does something bad, he is afraid that “George won’t let him tend to the rabbits.” Lennie has a very important role; Lennie is what keeps George thinking. George constantly tells Lennie through out the novel that if he didn’t have Lennie he could do whatever he wanted to do. Lennie keeps George levelheaded. George doesn’t want to be alone; and taking care of Lennie gives him someone to talk to; and it also keeps him from doing something stupid like blowing away his money. Even though Lennie is mentally handicap; Lennie still has the same basic “American Dream”. Lennie wants to “Live of the...
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