Character over Reputation

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Character over Reputation

Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open Elmer G. Letterman
This is a very important subject to me, because we live in a world where we are very concerned about how people see us. A world where people would do anything just to keep up man’s idea of him. Businessmen and organizations inflate their financial records to keep up in the eye of the public; individuals go to any extent to make others see them the way they seem. They say we must maintain being at the top no matter the cost, steal if you have to, lie if you have to, but we must look the best in the eyes of the public. Political parties rig elections just to give the impression that they are the best. Pastors inflate the membership strength of their churches, to be named the largest church in their cities. Unnecessary competition is developed just to be at the top. People live false lives; they live pretentious lives just because they have to look good. People are not real because they are concerned about what others will say. People are dying secretly and living a double standard life because of this. These two words are misunderstood, sometimes used interchangeably when they don't mean the same thing. According to John Wooden “Your reputation is who people think you are, your character is who you really are.” Let’s get it right, Reputation is how people see you, and this is the reason why we go out of our way to do things to please people. We care so much about what others think, much more than been real. We pretend and try to keep up just because of what people will say. We are living our lives but actually living other peoples thinking. If your decisions are 100% motivated by what others think then you are not living a life, soon you will die. Sometimes i listen to people and you hear from them "what will people say”. The interesting thing about people is that they are very unstable. The bible says Jesus did not give himself to man, why? Because he...
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