Character of Atticus Finch (to Kill a Mockingbird)

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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To Kill A Mockingbird
Character of Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch is the father of Scout and Jem Finch. As a father to Jem and Scout, he is comforting, trustworthy, caring, and a role model. Atticus is comforting especially to Scout. He lets her curl in his lap each night while he reads with her. Scout can go to Atticus freely whenever she there is a problem. She knows that Atticus will gently and lovingly help her. This is because Atticus talks to her like she was older. He doesn’t hide many things from her, and from Scout’s point of view, he tells her everything that she can comprehend.

Atticus is also trustworthy. When Scout or Jem ask him questions, he will tell them the truth, or what he thinks is the truth. He never lies to his children, or anyone else. Scout and Jem see him telling the truth to others, too, and therefore trust him even more. It is clear in the story, "To Kill a Mockingbird", that Atticus cares for everyone and everything around him. He cares for Scout and Jem more than others though, because they are his family. He makes sure that they are doing the right thing, without budding in every second they make a mistake. This is caring for them, because he is teaching them that people do make mistakes, and it teaches them how to fix a problem on their own. If he told them every time they made a mistake, or disobeyed, they wouldn’t know what to do if something went wrong when he wasn’t around. This would also make them think of Atticus as over controlling, and they would not appreciate him as much. When Atticus gives them space, he is caring for them by letting them learn by experience. As well as being comforting, trustworthy, and caring, Atticus is a role model to Jem and Scout. One way that Atticus is a role model is when he took Tom Robinson’s case. He didn’t care what the town thought of him when he took the case; he just cared that he was doing the right thing. He told Jem and Scout that if he didn’t take the...
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