Character Matters

Topics: Virtue, Positive psychology, Ethics Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Charismatic life

Character Matters

The English word “character” is from Latin root that means “engraved”. In the book says that character is the composite of virtues and values etched in that living stone, will define its true worth. In my point of view character is directly related to personality, which means the way to act. Character is the sum of virtue, vices and habits. God can teach us virtue, but we must want it. The word virtue derives from the Latin word for strength so, that means virtue is the strength of character. A man’s character is his fate – Heraclitus.

When we think about character, and when we ask ourselves how to have this virtue, the first thing that comes to my mind is courage. How the book says courage is the first and greatest element of character; it takes courage to act on virtue. Thought bravery may be admirable, courage is far more than valor in the face of danger. Another thing that is directly related to character is loyalty. Loyalty is the glue that holds relationships together; is the fabric of society; is the basic element that validates and cements relationships; it is the very fabric of community. Loyalty is a gemstone virtue whose luster, in a golden setting of faithfulness, brings glory to God and health to all it touches.

Something else that we can find in character is diligence. Diligence is the character in action. It is also important in relationships. Diligence is the virtue that leads on to balanced, successful living and creativity unfettered by dissipation and decadence, also means to be on guard, careful, watching over the situation as if it were your own; constancy, instant, exactitude and observant care. Diligent is a key to prosperous, successful living in temporal matters, but God uses temporal concerns to teach spiritual lesions; it is responsible, orderly, steady application of God’s power within me toward whatever responsibility is mine. Diligent makes all of life a labor of love, all the...
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