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  • Published : April 12, 2006
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My favorite television character is Raven Symone from the show "That's So Raven". Raven is the main character of the show. Raven is the average teenage girl in high school she goes through the same types of trouble that any regular kid goes through. Raven has issues with friends, family, boyfriends and, enemies. There is just one thing about Raven that is not like other people, Raven can tell the future.

Raven's special powers cause all sorts of trouble because she doesn't know if the visions are true or not, all she knows is the surrounding events, but doesn't know how the story will unfold. Raven's visions can be good or they can be hard on the person but Raven never knows until it happens. Day after day she gets through each vision one at a time, not many people know about Raven's power, only her family and two best friends.

In addition to telling the future, Raven designs her own clothing. She makes clothes for herself and her friends, which is one of the things that she doesn't mess up. Raven's character is very funny, and exciting, her character can make any one laugh any time you watch her show.

Raven lives with her father Victor Baxter who is a chef and the owner of his own restaurant, her mother Tanya Baxter who is going to school and her little brother Corey Baxter who is middle school. Raven hangs out with her two best friends; a goofy girl named Chelsea and a boy named Eddie who likes basketball and rap music.

I really enjoy this show because it's a comedy for children and teenagers who can relate to it. I feel I can definitely relate to Ravens life style, only I can't tell the future and I don't design clothes so that is how Raven and I are different. Getting into trouble is something I can definitely relate to. These are the many reasons why Raven is my favorite character.
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