Character Defonong Moment

Topics: High school, Dance, College Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Throughout my life I have done some very different activities. For instance, I have been dancing for almost all my life, thirteen years to be exact. I love to dance and the feeling of complete and utter content when I'm dancing. To me there is nothing better than that. Prior to starting high school, I took many long strenuous dance classes at a studio. I loved performing as much as I did, but I just wanted more. That’s when I found out that my local high schools dance team was having tryouts. This was a perfect idea for me, I can be on a team where they dance a lot and I could make new older friends that could possibly teach me the ropes of being in high school. So, I sent in my application to the coaches of the team and began getting ready for the biggest audition of my life (so far). The day of the tryout, I was so nervous and terrified that I'd do something wrong, they wouldn't like me, people there would be better than me or it just wouldn't be my day. After 2 days of running, learning routines, and demonstrating our technique level, the final day of tryouts arrived. I went into the room where the coaches sat and performed my heart out, and I thought hopefully that would be enough. After my tryout, they called me back in to tell me their final results. The moment of uncertainty that arrived was horrific. Finally they opened their mouths and said "you made the team!” I was so excited I started to cry. Being on this team was everything I wanted a more in my then fourteen years of existence. That first year on the team I learned how to become a better person and how to make friends. Also that year the team went to a high school dance team national competition and we won with the highest score ever given to the team. But none of those events could have prepared me for what was next to come in the career of my high school dance team. Six months later we found out that we would be on Americas Got Talent. It was so exciting that a bunch of high school teenagers...
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