Character Analysis to Kill a Mockinbird

Topics: Black people, To Kill a Mockingbird, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: May 31, 2013
The story is told by Jean Louise, seven years old daughter of a lawyer who is watching the trial. It helps to make the narration much more vivid, emotional and real because she knows her father very well and therefore is able to see each and every unusual detail in his behavior.

The protagonist of the story is Atticus Finch himself, who is being a successful and smart lawyer devoted to his high moral principles is at the same time loving father of his children. Atticus is also defined as round and static, because there are no radical changes in his temper throughout the story. He is described indirectly as his character is revealed through actions, thoughts, speech and appearance, it helps the reader to create the image of Atticus Finch quite easy. Despite hopelessness of the case with Tom Robinson , Atticus is eager to take up this case and does his best. It characterizes him as a very brave and responsible person, since this organization was terrible and famous for their bloody deals. He is an honest man who represents morality and justice without paying attention to other people’s opinions about background, status and color of skin. Atticus can be characterized as a kind-hearted man as he really sympathized with Tom and felt indignant for the falsely accused man. He is a good speaker and knows how to attract the attention of the jury as he is professional of his job, but he is sometimes overly optimistic and in the end his unshakable hope is still ruined as Tom Robinson is found guilty.

Atticus tries to persuade the jury of Tom Robinson’s innocence using direct address to the audience, 1st person pronoun “we” and contractions that’s why his speech is a vivid example of oratorical style. Atticus Finch uses a lot of stylistic devices in his speech in order to persuade the jury. The most frequently used is the epithet to contribute to the expressiveness of the lawyer’s speech. For example, a quiet, respectable, humble Negro; the cynical confidence. The...
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