Character Analysis: The Fall of Usher

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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One unreliable narrator is Edgar Allan Poe in, “The Fall of Usher.” Poe is considered to be an unreliable narrator because he himself in the beginning of his story nameless narrator whom is condemned tells his tale of the story. The main character, Roderick is a longtime friend of the narrator in the passage. His aliment possesses him to write to the narrator who is unknown and ask of his company as if it were a last farewell. The short story, The Fall of the House of Usher, uses a rational first person narrator to illustrate the strange effects the house has on the three characters within it. Everything about the house is dark and supernaturally evil, and appears to convey some fear that is driving its occupants insane. The narrator enters the story as a man with a lot of common sense and is very critical of the superstitious Usher, but he himself senses these same powers only he tries to escape the reality of the phenomena by reasoning or focusing on something else. Edgar Allen Poe, the author of this short story, is trying to show through the narrator that the denial of our fears can lead to insanity, much the same way it has already turned Usher insane and is slowly but surely acting upon the narrator. The House of Usher is described by the narrator in the beginning of the story as having life-like characteristics suggesting that the narrator is already receiving supernatural feelings from the house. He describes the windows as being “vacant” and “eye-like”, adding to the all around feel the house gives off. The narrator, upon seeing the house, is immediately driven to superstitious descriptions despite his attempts to remain rational. Because the reader sees everything through the narrator, the evil supernatural imagery that is conveyed can only is interpreted as a foreshadowing of what is to happen to the narrator in the story. When he says things like “the insufferable gloom pervades my spirit” upon looking at the house, the reader has to sense...
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