Character Analysis - Steve - Cirque Du Freak: a Living Nightmare

Topics: Vampire, Cirque du Freak, Dracula Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Abram Gates
Ms. Rodriguez
English II

Cirque Du Freak: A Living Nightmare
A Living Nightmare is about the story of author and protagonist, Darren Shan. It tells a story of how one night changes Darren’s life forever. Darren starts off as a normal boy with a normal family and friend. His whole life changes when his best friend, Steve ‘Leopard’ Leonard, brings a flyer to school that tells of a freak show coming to town. Darren and his friends come up with a plan to gather up money and sneak out to see it. Steve comes back the next day with bad news, saying only two of the 4 could go. Everyone agrees that Steve should definitely get one ticket due to the fact he’s the one who got them. The rest decide that the last ticket will be thrown into the air with multiple other fakes and whoever grabs the real one goes. Darren gets the ticket and from that day, his life changes forever. Throughout the book, Darren deals with a few conflicts such as trying to find a cure for Steve and trying to hide his secrets from his family. Darren eventually finds Mr. Crepsley, the original owner of the spider, and makes a deal to save Steve. Mr. Crepsley tells Darren that if Darren is willing to become Crepsley’s Vampiric Assistant, he will give Steve the antidote. In the end, Darren agrees and saves Steve. Steve pieces together what’s happened and learns of this agreement. In the end, Steve tells Darren that it will be his life goal to kill him and all vampires. Though there are many conflicts in A Living Nightmare, the antagonist happens to be Steve.

Steve is very intelligent when it comes to creatures of the night and monsters. He has a very big collection of comic books and reads them very often. Steve happens to love vampires the most. Throughout the book, Steve talks of vampires and practically boasts of his knowledge of them. Steve likes Vampires so much in the beginning, he asks Mr. Crepsely after the freak show, to turn him into a vampire. “I want to become...
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