Character Analysis: Red Sky at Morning

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  • Published : September 3, 2008
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Joshua Arnold - Josh is strong young man whose strength allows him to get through a variety of circumstances. When his father leaves to join the Navy and eventually dies, Josh takes over his role as head of the household. These additional responsibilities shape Josh from the seemingly naïve boy at the beginning of the novel to the capable adult into whom he evolves. Mr. Arnold - Mr. Arnold is Josh's father. Although racism is a common issue at the time, Mr. Arnold often goes out of his way to help people of minority whom he may employ. Mr. Arnold owns a shipyard and is also insistent on joining the Navy. This factor of his absence plays a major role on Josh's development. Mrs. Anne - Mrs. Arnold is Josh's mother and is in sharp contrast to his father. Mrs. Arnold is a strong southern women who does not display the same kindness to minorities. The absence of her husband, however, leads to her mental breakdown, another trying factor for Josh, half-way through the book. Amalie - Amalie was Mr. Arnold's high school friend. She spoke kindly of his treatment of her throughout high school. She did and still does love Mr. Arnold and does not hold back in telling Josh so. Jimbob Buel - Jimbob is a professional house guest, who has been bouncing between houses for quite some time. He spends several months with the Arnolds. Courtney Ann Conway - Courtney Anne, or Corky, is Josh's girlfriend from Mobile. Paul and Lacey - Paul and Lacey are the Arnolds' house cleaners in Mobile. Upon being let go, Mr. Arnold gives them 500 dollars while Mrs. Anne later gives them ten. Amadeo and Excilda Montoya - The Arnolds' domestic help in Sagrado. In a rage, Josh's mother fires them. Victoria - Victoria is the Montoyas' daughter. When he is younger, Josh proclaims that he loves her, however years later she is not mentioned much because Josh's feelings for her may not be racially acceptable. Chango Lopez - Chango was the bully in Sagrado. He constantly picked on Josh and the...
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