Character Analysis of Water for Elephant

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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Doris Zhang
Miss. Trosko
English Character Analysis Essay
9th Novemember 2011
Water for Elephants
In a recent interview for “”, Robert Pattinson, a household young actor, revealed that he was offered with various movie characters that he could choose from as his next role after starring in the “Twilight” series. Finally, he decided to play the role of Jacob Jankowski in a film adaptation directed by Francis Lawrence, “Water for Elephants”. Why did Robert Pattinson choose to act an orphaned and impecunious Cornell veterinary student who earned a living as a vet in a traveling circus? In what way did this character attract him? What would a Polish American’s life be like during the Great Depression? What kind of person is Jacob Jankowski? In the movie “Water for Elephants”, the protagonist Jacob Jankowski is a compassionate, brave, strong-minded but impulsive and naive young man.        A veterinary student and vet, Jacob Jankowski has the greatest compassionateness for animals. The story took place during the Great Depression. According to a famous writer Mulvey Deb’s book “We Had Everything But Money”, the average annual family income at that time was about $1,160. Everybody struggled for a living. Owing to this reason, the Benzini Brothers circus, for which Jacob worked, didn’t really care about its animals’ health conditions. The star attraction of the circus, a white horse called Silver, was suffering painfully from an abscess while still forced to perform on stage. Knowing that Silver’s pain in her hoof would get worse, Jacob humanely shot her and saved her from suffering, even though he was facing the risk of being killed by the brutal circus owner and trainer, August. Jacob also accompanied and pacified Rosie, the new star attraction of the circus, every time after she was abused by August. Jacob would definitely pay his everything to alleviate animals’ pain and provide them better living conditions. When going...
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