Character Analysis of Faith in the Story, Young Goodman Brown

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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Myriah Atwood
Eng. 1302 Mon-Thurs 8:00 am
July 31, 2010

Faith No More
Nathaniel Hawthorne in my opinion is one of the greatest illustrators of fictional writing. His techniques help form the foundation of symbolic writing. His characters are often consumed with their own passions. Nathaniel Hawthorne is known for creating a world within a world set around his characters. In order for one to comprehend Nathaniel Hawthorne’s concept of the character Faith in the story “Young Goodman Brown” the reader should understand: the use of nuances, the use of symbolism, the abstract of allegory and the use of ironies. The nuances are subtle. In other words, if the reader is not trying to make coherent sense out of Hawthorne’s elusive nuances, then he/she is missing the dramatic effect that Hawthorne hoped his ambiguity would have. In “A study of Nathaniel Hawthorne” Michael Meyer, The Bedford introduction to Literature states, “The nuances in Hawthorne’s fiction warrant close analysis” (391). Hawthorne’s wise interpretation of human nature depends heavily upon his well-known nuances to convey and enhance the complexities of his own tales. Meyer’s further states in “A Brief Biography and Introduction.” “Hawthorne skillfully creates an atmosphere or complexity and ambiguity that makes it difficult to reduce his stories to a simple view of life” (394). The slight degree of differences in the meaning, feeling and tone of Hawthorne’s writing make his works true American classics. The symbolic nature of Hawthorne’s writing can be seen in the descriptive details of his moral characters names; Young Goodman Brown is portrayed as a naïve, young, and morally structured man while his wife’s name is Faith. Faith is not only her name, but it also represents Young Goodman Brown’s religious belief. As stated in an article by D.C Hamilton, “Symbolism in Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown.” “Suggests that Brown's wife symbolizes the goodness that is found in a...
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