Character Analysis of Daisy and Tom from The Great Gatsby

Topics: Marriage, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Love Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: June 30, 2012
Daisy and Tom’s relationship In the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F.scott Fitzgorald. There’s two character Tom and Daisy. Husband and wife. They are wealthy and really have everything they would possible want. They don’t really love each other though. While Tom is a tough and boring guy, Daisy is completely different. Tom and Daisy represent an unhappy marriage; based on money, not love.

Daisy is very materialist and gold-digger. Daisy is at Nick house and Gatsby was there too, Gatsby invites Daisy and Nick over at his house for coffee. Even before Nick could say anything Daisy said “That place is huge THERE”…”I love it, but I don’t understand how you live there all alone”(97) Daisy is basically want the money, Gatsby tries to impress her with his money and show her the things around his house so he can get with her. He knows Daisy is very materialist, so he tires to impress her with his money. Daisy is at Gatsby’s house; Gatsby is showing her around the house, they come to Gatsby’s closet. Daisy says “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such beautiful shirts before”. (98) Daisy is aware of Gatsby’s passionate love for her, but she don’t love him, she only like him cause he’s very rich and she loved at one point but he wasn’t rich now so she didn’t marry, basically she’s a gold digger and very materialist. Even Tom is very materialist. Tom is driving Gatsby’s car, he stops to get gas, he lies to the Wilson who worked at the gas station, “how do you like this one?”…“I bought it last week”. (131) Tom is always trying to impress people that with materialist things and he told that he will send his other car to so that he cant drive to west. He’s just showing that, he’s rich guy and try to impress people.

Tom and daisy were never truly happy together. They never trusted each other. Daisy loved Gatsby but he wasn’t rich enough so she married Tom because she knew he could provide things she need. Tom never loved Daisy even...
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